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Helping Craft Breweries Grow Their business Through Strategic Marketing


It’s no secret that I love craft beer!  Outside of marketing and events, craft beer is one of my top passions.  Not only did my husband propose to me at a craft brewery (Track 7 in Sacramento to be exact.), but we also got married at one – Mission Brewery in San Diego (woot woot!).  Not only do I love the delish brews, but I love the collaboration, culture, and creativity of the craft beer world.  When I started my company, I decided to combine my passions – marketing, events, and craft beer.  After going to numerous events and talking to several craft breweries, I realized that some are awesome at this while others really need some help.  I completely get it…you might not have the resources to do marketing and events or you’d rather spend your time perfecting your brew or you don’t want to be considered a sell out by doing marketing.  

I decided to create this eCourse with a few craft breweries in mind.  They said they desperately need my help with marketing and event planning, but they couldn't afford me.  Soooo, I wanted to find a way to help craft breweries with marketing at a price that won't break the bank.  Thus, this eCourse was born.  I wanted to find a way to teach them all about marketing and also show them how to create their own Do It Yourself Strategic Marketing Plan.